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From time to time, power outages occur for various reasons across Delmarva Power's service territory. In most cases, power is restored in less than two hours but sometimes, more serious outages are possible. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, ice storms, fierce winds, salt and extreme heat strain the power delivery system and can prolong power restoration. Delmarva Power personnel are well trained and well prepared to handle such events as quickly and safely as possible.


The maps below provide snapshots of Delmarva Power’s electrical outages and active work locations. These maps and tables automatically update every thirty (30) minutes, so REFRESH or RELOAD your browser to retrieve the latest data.

Thumbnail: Delmarva Power System Wide Outage Map Thumbnail: Delmarva Power System Wide Active Work Locations Map
System Wide Outage Map System Wide Active Work Locations Map

American Red Cross shelter and storm information

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Please validate your phone number to insure your current service location telephone number is on your Delmarva Power account. This will help us match your street address to your telephone number if you have to call us to report an outage.